VoIP Solutions

Internet-based telecom that saves your business money

The modern marketplace functions on the global stage. In order for your small- or medium-sized business to compete, you need
a progressive, corporate-level telecommunication system, minus the frustrating costs and complexity.

Plan Design Build, Inc.’s VoIP Solutions allow your business to enjoy modern, customized communication features at SMB prices. You can make or receive calls over the internet, globalizing your market reach and reducing your telephone bills monthly.

Transform the way you communicate with employees and customers with VoIP.

Plan Design Build, Inc.’s VoIP Solutions help you:

  • Reduce costs - routing calls through the internet is far cheaper than using a traditional phone system
  • Improve customer service - with advanced call forwarding, holding music, collaboration and video conferencing features
  • Keep staff happy and productive - with user-friendly interfaces and systems that don’t require hours of training