Business Continuity Planning

Sleep easier at night knowing your business will survive any disaster

Data is the lifeblood of your business. And you may not be too worried about natural disasters, but most of the time, it’s man-made disaster in smaller scale that results to major data loss. A new employee could spill coffee on critical hard drives, faulty wiring may result to server crashes, or a disgruntled worker could steal customer information.

Plan Design Build, Inc.’s Business Continuity Planning is a comprehensive solution comprised of analysis, security, and preventive measures. This is how you can make sure your business can go back to being operational in a matter of minutes -- regardless of the disaster.

Just because some problems are out of your control, doesn’t mean your business can be too.

Our Business Continuity Planning helps you with:

  • Consistent business operation and recovery preparation - tailored according to your business needs
  • Backup and data restoration - additional protective layer for your critical files