Server Virtualization

Reduce costs, free up resources, and be environment-friendly

A growing business means demand for additional servers. If you house traditional servers onsite, they usually take up a lot of office space, use a lot of costly energy to keep them cool, and require vigilant monitoring
and maintenance.

Plan Design Build, Inc.’s Server Virtualization removes the high costs and unnecessary stress of managing multiple physical servers. You'll be able to operate any number of operating systems simultaneously, while also eliminating cooling costs, minimizing server problems, and taking back valuable office space.

Optimize your servers while minimizing overhead costs.

With our Server Virtualization service, you can:

  • Optimize your IT - server problems are a thing of the past; updates and upgrades are hassle-free
  • Enjoy greater flexibility - any computer can run on multiple operating systems, so access is never a problem
  • Go green - since there are no physical servers to keep plugged in and cooled down, you reduce your company’s carbon footprint