Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build

Your business is doing well most of the time. But have you paused to think what sudden data loss can do to it? The chances of natural disasters, server breakdown, and a bitter ex-employee seeking vengeance may seem unlikely, but when they hit, it can be difficult to recover from the damages.

When disasters happen, how fast you recover data and continue business operations can make or break your business. With Plan Design Build, Inc.’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure, and you can get back on track after a catastrophe.

Safeguard your business and have peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secure.

What does Plan Design Build, Inc.’s Backup and Disaster Recovery do?

  • Your data is backed up in geo-redundant servers that we vigilantly monitor and manage.
  • IT issues are investigated and resolved promptly.
  • Your servers are backed up comprehensively so that we can restore them in a matter of minutes.
  • We test your backups to ensure your business is prepared for the worst.